Sunshine (Infants)

We strive to create and maintain a safe, nurturing environment for the infants that are under our care.  We also seek to provide more than simply daycare. Our priority for each day is creating a unique and stimulating environment of play, music, language repetition.

Rainbow (Toddlers)

Our clean and bright classrooms and are filled with caring and enthusiastic teachers and staff. Our toddler child care provides an innovative program that is filled with activities that cater to each toddler’s excitement and joy for life. Learning to walk and talk as well as to develop various communication and motor skills are huge achievements in the life of the toddler.

Moonbeam (2’s)

Early preschool is a pivotal time in the life of a two-year old. At Small Wonders we know the importance of making this a joyful time of discovery and learning. We desire each child’s preschool experience to be a positive one that builds a strong foundation for learning and encourages a child’s natural curiosity to discover the world around them.

Our teachers encourage their early preschoolers to learn through playing, music, language repetition and hands-on activities. Teachers use teachable moments to make observations while the preschoolers explore using all their senses and abilities.

Milkyways (3’s)

Children at this age love to explore and learn new things. They enjoy participating in dramatic and sensory play, using their imaginations and developing their motor skills as they grow more independent each day.

Learning is enhanced through a variety of classrooms, each designed with childhood exploration in mind. Our Treetop Clubhouse provides a “backyard” experience, even when you are indoors. The Preschool Art Room brings out the creative side in preschoolers of all ages.

Shooting Stars (4’s)

Small Wonders classrooms fully prepare your child for a successful Kindergarten transition. The teachers will help guide the students’ learning throughout the school year using our Scope and Sequence created specifically for the Milton School District.

Our teachers will enrich your child with Grammar, Gym, Art, Music and Character building. We also offer a wonderful outdoor playground, and a spacious indoor classroom center.

 School Age Hangout (Ages 5-12)

As part of our after school classroom layout, we provide a quiet reading and homework area for children to work in. Students can get a jump start on their homework before heading home or other activities. Individualized homework help is also available for children that may need extra help with practicing what they are learning in school.

Transportation is available through the Milton School District.